30 years with Bankstown Sports Club

For over 30 years, the Haron Robson team has been providing electrifying advice at Bankstown Sports Club, one of the largest clubs in NSW.

Our journey began in 1990, and coincided with the start of the club’s masterplan, providing a wide array of services, from designing electrical systems to implementing advanced lighting and audio-visual systems.

Our work has spanned several significant projects , initially focused on the sub-stations and switchboards to serve the current building form, sophisticated stand-by power systems and load sharing facilities were also developed to ensure reliable, uninterrupted use of the building could occur no matter what is happening in the outside world.

Numerous interior fit outs followed including the 2018 Basement Brew house transformation, turning a dusty basement into a vibrant bar and eatery.

From the creation of the Grand Ballroom with a state-of-the-art moving / kinetic lighting system, which won an IES NSW Award of Commendation in 2009, to an energy audit and savings plan significantly reduced the club’s energy consumption the scope of our serrvices has been wide.

All the way we used a partnership approach to deliver themed spaces such as the Rainforest Lounge, Peking Square Restaurant, or more fucntional spaces such as the Flinders Centre. Collaborating with Paynter Dixon and the club’s management, we consistently delivered designs that not only meet operational requirements but also enhance the visitor experience.

Thoughtful masterplanning and the use of smart systems has allowed the club to minimise its environmental footprint.

We thank Bankstown Sports for entrusting with powering and lighting their venue for such a long period of time.

Photos of the Grand Ballroom, Lobby, Peking Square Restaurant, Basement Brewhouse, and Cornerstone Café below.

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