Just like last year, instead of giving traditional Christmas cards and presents, we decided to embark on a type of gift-giving that ensures gifts are going to the people who need them the most.

Our donation via the Oxfam Unwrapped program provides radios to help prepare for an emergency. Oxfam trains people living in vulnerable communities in techniques to make sure everyone has the best opportunity to stay safe. Radios are a fast and effective way to deliver information regarding potential threats before it's too late.

In Bangladesh, Oxfam provides radios to flood-prone communities. Alerts and other weather-related information are delivered via the radio, giving people enough time to prepare their homes and livestock, then move to a safer location.

"We heard the news on the radio about how much the water had risen. When we heard it had got to a certain level upstream, we started pulling our plan into action. We told everyone in the village. We moved the cattle to higher ground, collected bamboo and wood, raised the platforms in the houses, moved the oven and dry food. We put everything we had on the platform to protect as much stuff from the water as possible. Without the radio, we'd have been taken by surprise and we could have lost everything."   - Hawa Parvin, Langolmura, Sirajgani, Bangladesh

Haron Robson's Oxfam Unwrapped gift is contributing to a future free from poverty. Oxfam Australia is part of a global movement, working hard to make change and we are proud to support their projects. To learn more, visit oxfamunwrapped.com.au

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