The Sherwood Macarthur

The Sherwood Macarthur, a pub-style venue in Campbelltown, has already become a community favourite since its opening on November 22nd. Situated next to the Sports Stadium, it offers an blending allure of alfresco dining with the excitement of live sports.

The Haron Robson team were commissioned by Western Suburbs Leagues Club in integrating modern features into the traditional pub atmosphere. We updated the electrical infrastructure, ensuring a reliable and efficient power supply for the venue’s diverse operational needs. The Lighting design added a warm, welcoming atmosphere to the venue, enhancing the overall aesthetic and customer experience. Additionally, we also implemented advanced fire safety systems, which includes advanced smoke detection and warning systems, prioritizing the safety of patrons and staff.

The success of the Sherwood was also supported by a team of distinguished contributors. Architectural design was skillfully handled by Curtin Architects, while Redwah Design brought their interior design expertise to create an inviting and stylish atmosphere. Global Projects NSW and Hanna Newman Associates served as the project managers for the design and construction phases, respectively, ensuring seamless coordination and execution.

With its opening success, The Sherwood is slowly becoming a part of Campbelltown’s iconic landscape; a vibrant community hub where tradition meets modernity.

More photos below, courtesy of The Daily Telegraph and Haron Robson.

Client: Western Suburbs Leagues Club
Architect: Curtin Architects
Interior Design: Redwah Design
Project Manager - Design: Global Projects NSW
Project Manager - Construction: Hanna Newman Associates
Builder - James Clifford Constructions
Electrical, Lighting and Dry Fire Services: Haron Robso

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