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After many years of providing co-ordinated services solutions for select Clients we now offer a complete co-ordinated service for the planning, design and documentation of building services for our wider Client group.

This offer draws upon a national team of over 200 specialists with market presence in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne & Sydney.

Our offer is focussed around a services manager and using smaller specialist consultants in a coordinated team to deliver a complete solution.

Using this method has the following advantages:

  • provides a single point of contact for services coordination
  • leverages centralized BIM skills across the group
  • provide access to specialist sector skills that may not normally be available "in-house" with a so-called full service consultants
  • a stable core team increases the likelihood that the design team members see the project through and
  • provides greater access to senior, experienced advisors
  • most projects are run by a Director or Associate Director level team for each discipline
  • minimises consultant’s fees by avoiding the expensive marketing, management & overheads of a large multi-national organisation,
  • ensures that principals for each component of the project were involved in all facets of the project from concept to completion.

We have used this approach to deliver services small and large scale for AV & Technology projects , Office & Workplace, Health & Aged Care, Hotels & Hospitality, Schools & Higher Education as well as Energy Saving & Reliability Projects. 

Projects delivered to date include Sound & Vision System Parliament House Canberra, Tri-generation System Rooty Hill RSL, 30,000sqm plus CLT Office buildings, Private Schools, Hotels, Club & Pubs, Health and Aged Care..

For more information on the advantages of using our MEP services please contact Glen Haron or Tom Russell.

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