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Good lighting is the result of striking the correct balance between science & art, cost & effect .

As one of the first practitioners in Australia of the discipline of lighting design, our design studio is highly experienced at providing creative, technical and practical lighting solutions.

We consider all intrinsic aspects of a project, whatever the scale - we have illuminated capital cities and lit small private residences; cosy bars and lively clubs; intimate restaurants and adaptable function spaces; designer boutiques and major shopping malls... Large or small, we apply the same level of enthusiasm, creativity and sensitivity to each new lighting design challenge. See

Our role as lighting designers is to assist the client and the design team identify lighting opportunities, or problems, and implement solutions that are sensitive to the design, environmental and business agenda.

We understand how lighting makes us act, react and interact, and how lighting can be used effectively, efficiently and sustainably.
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Energy Efficient Lighting Design

Advice, planning and design of energy-smart lighting systems. Advice on the selection of lighting equipment and controls for maximum energy efficiency.

Light Details and Light Art

Luminaire selection and detailed specification. Consideration of heat, access, adjustment, energy and maintenance. Light details including joinery detailing, light sculptures, water features, back-lighting, custom chandeliers and light fittings.


Creating memorable, comfortable experiences in places and spaces.

Energy Effective

Getting the balance right between the light effect and light energy.


With standards for visibility, energy and safety.

In Buildings

Getting the lighting right inside and out.

design auditing

Auditing and modelling of existing designs for aesthetics and performance prior to implementation 

light spill reports

Calculation of light spill from commercial, residential and sports fields signage and road lighting to confirm compliance with Australian and Council standards 

product conformity

Advice on product compliance and suitability for distribution in Australia/New Zealand 

roads + pedestrians

Lighting design for Australia/New Zealand compliant roadways and pedestrian crossings. Provision of L3 ASP advice on their connection 

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