We believe technology is about making connections and improving relationships, and it has the ability to change lives. But in order to do that, we need to harness its power and make it work for us. Smart buildings, and even smart cities, which - in essence - connect people with places have been spoken about in various ways for years, but little has come of all the chatter. Our experience has been that the expectations need to be better defined, and the possibilities better understood, in the first place. 

Buildings grow, change and degrade. They're actually a living asset. By understanding the details of a buildings' life, we can ensure its efficiency and longevity. In the world as we now know it, where IT networks connect everything, organisations have mountains of data which they can use to understand their assets, yet very few actually do this effectively. Data platforms that monitor and provide ongoing feedback help us to better understand how people use spaces, their touchpoints, and the results. We can also use this data to inform the design of systems to improve the control of comfort, security and service. Make spaces better. Make our use of them more enjoyable, efficient, effective.

Haron Robson offers independent advice and design services related to the application of these electrical technologies, to make them work harder, and smarter.

building a smarter tomorrow

There are countless systems in use today which have the ability to be used as an interface, information collector or integrator. Think of the ubiquitous use of staff access cards and other types of movement monitoring. Add in user-controlled audio-visual equipment, IT systems, lighting and temperature controls. Include feedback from building automation and management systems. Top this off with all the other ways we access information and these technologies interact with us. Every single one of these systems provide opportunities to measure, monitor and improve spaces and how we use them.
In order to do that, we first need to understand what information we have access to, how we can use it, and put in place a process to make these 'smart spaces' a reality. That's where Haron Robson can help. Through each of our teams - Design, Project & Innovation - we have acquired in-house experience in the design & implementation of activity-based sensors, systems and feedback, and we're equipped to empower you to make use of the information you have.


Knowing what data you have access to is the first step in understanding how we can make it work for you. We assess and document your systems, and ensure they're working as they should.


Most systems in use have evolved, rather than been designed. We can get your systems talking to one another to bring the information together, operating as one. This minimises information leakage and waste.


We can help audit, record, model and report on planned & implemented systems using 3D technologies.


We create web-based interfaces which use the data captured by these systems to communicate activity and status, in a meaningful way. Once we have a complete picture of the how and why of your buildings, we integrate the insights and use them to inform decision-making, improve customer experience and manage the life of each asset.

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