Haron Robson have often been called upon to provide peer review on projects designed by other consultants or where sub-contractors suggest changes to scope. As trusted strategic advisors, Haron Robson have a reputation for meeting project requirements that are both engineered correctly and economically sound with a philosophy of future proofing the solutions to meet the client’s ongoing needs.

Haron Robson take a practical approach in developing the brief asking the right questions and reviewing all potential options. We have the experience and know how about where to source data, develop strategy and apply innovative thinking to design & problem solving.

A recent case involved a client developing a new town centre who approached Haron Robson concerned about the recommendation by the sub-contractor that the site required additional electrical supply and a new substation which would cost approximately $1 Million.

Engaged to substantiate this variation, Haron Robson commenced a week of thorough testing assessing peak loads and base load and circuit breaker tripping characteristics. Following this, Haron Robson ascertained that the supply for the development was adequate and were able to advise the client that the additional substation was in fact not required there by avoiding the $1Million in additional costs.

In a further example, other electrical consultants for an educational facility reported that the existing main switchboard (rated at 400 Amps (A)) was insufficient and the property required an electrical supply of 650 A. The client was concerned about the potential for interruption of supply due to overload when the facility is fully operational. The suggested increase in power required would be at a cost of approximately $200K.

We advised an assessment was urgently required to test the electrical operating trends at the property to determine if a supply upgrade was needed.

Based on the actual demand readings obtained during the testing period, Haron Robson were able to confirm that the existing supply did not require upgrading at that time.

In addition, a series of options were presented to the client to assist in identifying imminent supply issues and reducing demand for power in the future. These included:

  • Alarm monitoring
  • Load Shedding
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • Solar Photo-Voltaic
  • Replace inefficient equipment with energy efficient equipment

With over 31 years of consulting in many property sectors, Haron Robson have developed many long-standing relationships based on trust. It is through these relationships that Haron Robson are called upon to view solutions offered by other consultants through an objective lens. In a 120 bed aged care facility, HR were asked to review the design after the tender price of $6M was submitted on a scope budgeted at $4M.

Haron Robson assessed and reviewed the tendered design which included distribution boards on every level.  An opportunity to consolidate the number of distribution boards was recommended to one per three floors and their location revised which resulted in a subsequent reduction in the buildings envelope and savings in the construction value. Because of this and many more value engineering propositions, Haron Robson’s advice to the client enabled the project to be delivered within the original budget of $4M which also covered their fee.

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