The recent 2016 MBA Awards saw Paynter Dixon win the award for the $15M-$20M category in Construction for the extension of the Travelodge at Bankstown Sports Club. The masterplan included extending the existing four-storey hotel over the club to eight-storeys. The building was originally built in the 1990’s with structural components of the building designed for the capacity of the additional floors.

Haron Robson provided electrical, data, lighting and power design and supervised the installation of the additional four floors. The hotel was originally designed for the 2000 Olympics as the Club were involved in the management of the Bankstown Velodrome. Haron Robson also provided design services for the original project.

The Judge’s comments included that:

“Works were complex and required the existing roof to be waterproofed, retaining lifts and services to the existing hotel, with material handling through the site. The finished product is a seamless extension of the existing building”.

Congratulations to Payntner Dixon on receiving this MBA Award and to the project team on the successful delivery of the extension to the Bankstown Sports Club Travelodge.

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