Prime Minister Julia Gillard last week unveiled the broad details of an emissions trading scheme which will start with a fixed price on carbon from July 1 next year. The carbon tax will push up electricity and fuel prices as it seeks to change the behaviour of users through increases in non-renewable energy costs, while at the same time using the tax monies collected to reduce the cost of renewable energy.

Haron Robson plays a key role in helping clients plan their future energy needs, source their current energy supply and monitor their energy usage. Recent examples of our work include the Tri-generation plant at Rooty Hill RSL, DECCW Lighting Audits, energy effective lighting solutions in numerous projects and energy saving programmes. All were developed to suit individual clients' needs, businesses and premises.

If you would like more information on our energy planning services, please don't hesitate to contact Claire on 02 9712 5544, or email

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VirtualVanity – is a light developed for better video conferencing experiences. It helps participants see and be seen. It can be used to augment existing lighting or operate on its own. It’s 3D printed from recycled materials on-demand to minimise its impact on the planet and is tailored to avoid waste

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