Sydney Olympic Village Turns 21!

For the 2000 Olympic games, also known as “the best Olympic Games ever”. Mirvac, Lend Lease, Civil & Civic, ANZ and Westpac were given a $590 million contract to build one of the biggest athlete villages ever construction at the time, just a fraction of the $3 billion worth of construction and capital works for the games.

The Sydney Olympic Village, now the vibrant suburb of Newington, accommodated over 16,000 athletes but also delivered 2,000 dwellings, 60,000 square metres of commercial space, and 400 hectares of parkland. Today, Newington stands as a model of sustainable urban development, boasting lush green spaces, efficient infrastructure, and soaring property values.

The commitment to environmental sustainability was pivotal to this project, resulting in solar panels and water recycling facilities, making Newington one of the world’s largest solar-powered community. Additionally, the pioneering use of transportable / relocatable housing enabled the quick construction of 500 residences to house about 2000 people.

Our task encompassed in providing concept design and technical advice for the master planning of the lighting to all public areas and the detailed design for all building installations on the site.

Designed initially to function as a house for athletes now part of an integrated suburban community, Newington apartments have received numerous national awards for their design and has become a model for urban developments worldwide.

More photos below, courtesy of Mirvac.

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