From high-end fashion to high-stakes gambling to high-rise refurbishments, 2013 looks set to be a highly-rewarding year for the design, technical and construction teams here at Haron Robson.

Recently landing on the drawing boards of our lighting studio is the lighting design for a number of high-value residential homes and boutique retail premises. Working in close collaboration with award-winning architects and interior designers, no two projects are ever the same and the team enjoy the creative challenge each design brief affords. As energy reduction becomes increasingly important, good design is paramount to make the most of what little energy is actually consumed by these often high-tech spaces.

Our electrical engineering wunderkinds forming the energy team also get a chance to work their magic on these luxury areas, alongside their work on many multi-unit, sometimes high-rise, residential buildings in Sydney and further afield. Also in their sights (or rather, on their AutoCAD model spaces) are the power and dry-fire requirements for a whole host of projects within the entertainment and hospitality fields, including leagues clubs and RSLs, bowling centres, hotels and holiday apartments, as refurbishments and new-builds continue.

The masterminds behind our audio-visual crew will be getting their teeth stuck into some interesting projects as well this year, with full audio-visual system design and specifications for clubs, pubs, educational facilities, hotels and houses. To mix things up a little, the additional challenge of audio redirection, acoustic damping and the mitigation of sound spillage will be a factor in a range of projects, as multi-use and adaptive spaces become more common.

The Haron Robson Energy & Maintenance team look set to have a bumper year in 2013, as work ramps up across all specialisms. With energy prices on the rise, lighting reviews and energy audits are the start-points from which spring projects such as HVAC upgrades, tri-generation plants and LED retrofits, as well as managed energy savings & maintenance plans. ESC-creation (that is, the generation of Energy Savings Certificates) is on the increase this year, as many Clients realise the revenue-raising potential of this NSW State Government incentive scheme.

A number of projects are due to launch in the coming months which are currently under the watchful eyes of our Construction team. Overseeing the installation and commissioning of the lighting and electrical systems across a whole gamut of projects, the fluoro high-vis vest & hard hat paraded by our Installations Engineer is raising some eyebrows in the office, as well as on-site, especially within the Dior boutique in Sydney, one of our more glamorous projects. Also due for completion is the relighting of the iconic building at 1 O’Connell Street, the residential development at Wentworth Point Marinas and the energy efficiency measures at Mounties (Mount Pritchard District Community Club).  

2013 is going to be a great year for the Haron Robson team and we’re really looking forward to it!!

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