Electric Vehicles are here NOW and demand is only increasing, we need to look at how we can accomodate the demand.
Experts expect that a share of about 10% of electric vehicles in the car fleet would require major investments in the low voltage grids. Charging an EV typically means a doubling of electricity demand of a small household. The existing distribution grid may not be able to accommodate the extra load when vehicles are charged in parallel to the conventional usage.
Porsche may have many more museum pieces to house if there planned development of electric vehicles achieves the expected results. Last week in Stuttgart I gained some insight into Porsche's planned duplication of factory facilities to build electric vehicles.
It seems the electric car changeover could happen quickly. The limiter could be charging infrastructure: not the cars or customers.
Interesting times ahead and our team has been developing strategies for some time now on how buildings and places will need to be adapted to suit the expected demand for the “new” fuel: electricity. Business opps abound. Keep an eye out as we report on the challenges and options for accomodating electric vehicles.

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