Another IES Award for Haron Robson

The Haron Robson Lightmatters team were proud as pearls (!) last Friday as they collected another IES Lighting Design award, this time for the festive decorations for Paspaley Pearls.

Haron Robson, together with acclaimed bespoke designer Stephen Layfield, custom-designed the unique pearlescent lights in just 10 weeks (from concept to installation), but the incredibly short timeline didn't stop the 'building jewellery' from becoming show-stopping award-winners.

Originally installed for Christmas 2017, these spherical lights - inspired by the glow of the Paspaley pearl - have been suspended on the facade of the flagship boutique in Sydney's Martin Place every Christmas since. And, as with a lot of Haron Robson's lighting designs, the Paspaley Christmas Pearls have become the latest Insta-destination for keen lighting photographers.

Thanks also to Di Emme, who drilled out every single one of the solid acrylic balls to carefully insert an LED light bud into the cavity, finishing the magical spheres with a pearly lustre.

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