Schneider Masterpact MTZ air circuit breaker range is now available. It replaces the old Masterpact NT/NW range which has been in use since 2000.

Masterpact MTZ circuit breaker is future-ready and offers legendary reliability and performance, ensuring easy integration within Smart Panels, as well as embedded Class 1 accuracy for power/energy measurement.

It uses Micrologic 5.0 X range of energy monitors with electronic trip units and digital modules which allow waveform capture at trip events and assist in power restoration.

The main new feature is Bluetooth communication for Masterpact MTZ app which provides further personal protection to the operator as he can switch the breaker on and off via the Masterpact MTZ app at a distance of a few meters rather than having to physically switch the breaker at the switchboard which would expose them to a higher risk in case of a short circuit.

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