A few reason why established brands still matter.

A good summary of the issues with sourcing any building product these days.

Compliance & Support you should be asking the question - Will the supplier still be around if there is an issue?

As it becomes easier to buy and sell globally, it’s important to consider a few points; - WHY is it so cheap? - WHY have wholesalers chosen not to support/sell the product? - WHY should I risk my electrical license and more importantly, someone’s life for a few dollars?

A recent recall by ACCC - Product Safety Australia.

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Is your building smarter than you? There are numerous systems that can be used to measure, monitor and give feedback on space use, the occupants and their behaviour. If youre not using thus data the answer could be yes.

We are pleased to confirm the renewal of our Master Security Licence in NSW. Haron Robson Australia Pty Ltd ACN 002 781 580 holds Master Security Licence 000105459.  In NSW it is an offence to undertake unauthorised security activities without being licensed.

After 6 years in the Quay, we've moved near the QVB. 

We're now in the heart of the city..... or working from home. Hope to catchup soon.

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