We love our work, it's even sweeter when we Win the Good Design Award from Architectural Design Commercial and Residential 2017 for our work on Central Plaza One Ground Floor Lobby Lighting Upgrade. 

Here is a little brief on the project. 

We were engaged to research and analyse of the lighting to the building’s grand lobby at Central Plaza in Brisbane, Australia. The brief required a cost-effective solution with very low maintenance, high energy efficiencies creating a unique environment to change the perception of the building asset reflecting the original design inspired by ancient Japanese lanterns.

The project was challenged by the 18 metre ceiling making access difficult & expensive for cleaning & maintenance.

The issue was not quantity of light but enough to make the surfaces appear bright. Our solution was a custom lighting system providing static, adaptable, dynamic lighting responding to daylight conditions and energy consumption reduction.

The result:

After extensive testing and prototyping the rough in and demolition commenced whilst we awaited delivery of the LED panels, the upgrade was carried out over six months in an occupied and operating office tower

Replacing old backlit panels and their faulty flickering Fluorescent lights not only saved some energy. The implemented solution also provides the following additional features:

  • Using a custom made addressable LED panel lighting system we can provide static, adaptable and dynamic lighting effects that respond to daylight conditions and reduce energy consumption.... Or we can set it so it can disco with the best of them
  • Whilst we only finished the install last week, we are now setting a number of transitions and settings (over 2000) that ensure the space rarely looks the same.
  • Or solution reduced capital costs by 30% and will likely reduce running costs by 90%
The lighting seems to make visitor’s smile, stop and gaze or be thrilled by the movement and energy that it transmits. 

See it in action.

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