The Energy Savings Scheme will continue to operate until 2020
Continuity of the Energy Saving Scheme is provided by Sections 177 and 178 of the Act  central to the NSW Energy Efficiency Action Plan. This has been reinforced by the New South Wales Environment Minister Rob Stokes, stating NSW could be Australia’s answer to California as he launched a new resource efficiency policy accelerating renewable energy and energy efficiency, putting NSW at odds with Coalition counterparts.

The price of Energy Saving Certificates will not fall to zero dollars
Recent rule changes
  have provided the NSW Government the opportunity to indirectly affect Energy Saving Certificate supply (creation) thereby supporting business with the ongoing incentive to invest in energy efficiency. The current price for an Energy Saving Certificate is $10.

There is a national scheme similar to the Energy Savings Scheme
The Federal Government Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) provides for the expansion of the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) enabling business in other states that invests in energy efficiency and fuel switching to create Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs).

Haron Robson delivers energy efficiency, fuel switching and renewable energy projects
Haron Robson takes the complexities out of the process and will maximise your chances of success. We can help find the right funding program and facilitate the project from inception to delivery.

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