Some people say that the only thing constant in life is change. We’ve seen that this is true of cultural phenomena, it’s common in science, and it’s certainly true of technology - just look at computers and mobile phones! We here at Haron Robson HQ are witness to constant change, particularly in the outstanding variety of lighting and electrical products available for specification - these items are forever adapting, evolving, improving.

Another area in which we’ve experienced change at an astonishing pace is in the field of energy efficiency: the various opportunities for energy savings and the types of alternative funding and rebate options available to businesses in NSW are constantly evolving. How can anyone trying to run a successful business hope to find time to investigate the best path to energy efficiency?

It is our trade to stay on top of all the variables and we have dedicated teams investigating the best routes to savings, yet sometimes even we are taken by surprise by the changes – it’s no wonder we hear cries of ‘help’ from clients who are being approached from all sides with promises of free lights and discounted installation. Often we are simply asked: ‘what’s going on?’

So, to give you an update, here’s a summary of what’s available right now:

Subsidised Energy Audits: Government funding has increased and business contributions are capped at just $5,000, for priority industries only and for a LIMITED TIME 

Technical Support: increased Government funding for energy-efficiency projects, to a maximum of up to $8,000 – also for a LIMITED TIME and subject to certain conditions

Energy Saving Certificates (ESCs): the rules have changed and ESC’s can no longer be claimed retrospectively, and certain lighting equipment is no longer eligible for ESC-generation.

No matter what your circumstances, Haron Robson will be able to help you save energy, which means you’ll save money too. Contact our Energy Team today and they’ll talk you through the options.

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