Let’s set the scene: we heading into February. January is done and dusted; the romance (or misery…?) of Valentines Day is just around the corner. The standard New Year’s resolutions of drinking less and exercising more were working out wonderfully for the first few weeks of 2013, but a whole month in and can anyone say, honestly, those promises made through the fuzzy haze of 1st January are still on track for success?


If you’re anything like us, you’ll be thinking of ways to alleviate the guilt of sleeping through the 5am ‘Go for a Run’ alarm and those “I’ll-be-having-soft-drinks-only” promises, which were conveniently forgotten on walking through the door of the local bar or restaurant.

How about this: leave the car at home, walk to your establishment of choice and when you’re there, drink carbon-neutral beer and finish off with a carbon-neutral coffee...? Ok, perhaps not the answer you were looking for, but reducing the impact on the environment of your resolution-busting activities means there’s one less thing to worry about.

Socially conscious businesses are increasingly turning to carbon neutrality prove their environmental commitment. Which makes it easier for consumers like us to make (some) wiser choices.

By minimising the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the manufacturing, freight and logistics processes, using accredited schemes to offset what little emissions are produced, and by making use of low-impact packaging, a small but growing number of food and beverage producers are now part of the Carbon Neutral Network. 

The Carbon Neutral Program is a voluntary scheme which encourages Australian businesses to measure, reduce and offset the greenhouse gas emissions associated with business operations or products. The program is administered by an organisation called Low Carbon Australia, in accordance with the National Carbon Offset Standard.

Companies who have been accredited as carbon neutral are part of Low Carbon Australia’s Carbon Neutral Network, and the list of products and providers can be found here. So, before you step foot out the door, do your research and perhaps that amber nectar will taste just a little bit sweeter knowing that you’re doing your bit for the planet, if not your waistline.


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