How many people does it take to change a light bulb? It looks like its time for everyone to find out. Whilst many will chose direct lamp replacement, there are few standards for LED Halogen replacement lamps. Direct replacements come in a variety of light colours, bulb shapes and light outputs so understand what you currently have before you start the change process. Taking your halogen lamp to Bunnings, Beacon or TLE is a great start. Often LED upgrades are an opportunity to look at lighting holistically; assessing the number, form and location of the lights as part of a planned upgrade process.  The issues with waste generation (lamps & transformers), dimming (sometimes creates flicker) and insulation (holes in ceilings are a source of heat loss) should also be considered. The good news is that once this upgrade is done you are unlikely to need a replacement lamp for 20 years!.

Check out this great article by The Guardian.

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