We here at Haron Robson have always considered ourselves to be environmentally and socially responsible. We are active within our business community and work hard to help our partners achieve energy inefficiencies and cost savings. Until recently, we hadn't considered it necessary to really investigate and benchmark our own sustainability - we just knew we had it in check; but that’s all about to change now we've signed up to Canada Bay Council’s resourcewise program.

The program assists local businesses achieve measurable savings in their energy and water usage, minimise the waste sent to landfill and increase social sustainability by improving links between business and the community. Each of the four components within the program (energy, water, waste & community) has a stand-alone process to follow which measures baseline, sets targets and recognises results, and businesses can complete them individually, or sign up to all four.

Whilst we are pro-active in our approach to sustainability, we are aware there are always ways to do more. Because of this, Haron Robson has signed up to the wastewise component of the program, and we've had our first site visit with the Council’s Sustainability Officer to establish our performance baseline. We already have good practices for recycling and waste management, but there have been some items identified which we are working on improving and we’re looking forward to the next meeting to check our progress.

In the interim, we’re pleased to partner with Canada Bay Council to assist other local businesses meet their energywise commitments. We have been invited to present at the resourcewise launch event for Five Dock, being held at Five Dock RSL on 13th May. Haron Robson’s Energy & Maintenance Team will discuss the energy & cost savings achieved by the Club, and help new resourcewisemembers understand the potential within their own organisations.

Most Councils across the State have similar sustainability programs and it would be beneficial for businesses to contact their local Council and ask what support is available. Alternatively, please don’t hesitate to contact Robert Babiak, our Energy & Maintenance Manager, to help you kick-start your own energy-savings drive. For more information, please call +61 2 9712 5544 or email info@haronrobson.com.au


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