As announced in our May newsletter, Murray Robson retired from Haron Robson on 30th June after a 3-year phased retirement plan. Murray’s business partners Glen Haron and Tom Russell (Managing and Technical Directors, respectively), together having over 50 years’ experience in the lighting industry, will continue to mentor the lighting team, which is now headed up by Leo Trimboli, who continues on as Lighting Principal, with Bow Jaruwangsanti as Lighting Design Manager. Leo and Bow are supported by lighting designers Catalina Chica and Mark Gregan, with the entire lighting department collaborating closely with the group of engineers, technicians and project managers who make up our highly experienced project teams.

Toasting a career spanning 40 years, Glen and Tom celebrated side by side with Murray on his last day in the office, and regaled the team with stories of Murray’s career, the circumstances which brought the trio together and the early years of Haron Robson. Glen and Tom are now joined by Craig Underwood, Haron Robson’s new Chief Operating Officer, in taking the Haron Robson Group forward into the next 30+ years.

We wish Murray all the very best for the next chapter of his life and we look forward to learning what the new Haron Robson Management Team has in store!

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