The lighting design approach to the Garrison Church was something of a contradiction. It would have been easier to add lighting from the existing points and minimise the impact on appearance, as well as the costs or complications of installing new lighting points.  It was decided that the compromises inherent in using the existing points meant any new lighting solution could risk appearing as an unsympathetic add-on to this heritage space.

After review of various options the agreed solution was to add linear, modern supports for the new lighting and modern but minimal light fittings to match the supports. These sharp, linear elements are a stark contrast with the heritage features of the building, and their dark colour combined with the small physical size of the lighting equipment means that the lights become both a feature and yet are barely visible at the same time.

The new lighting locations allow direct light to be focused where it is needed, on the pews and altar as well as to reveal the features of the architecture, light the occupants and provide functional lighting for the activities within the space.

A great result and worth the considerable efforts of all involved.

“We didn’t design purpose-­‐made lighting because stylistically the space is quite eclectic and we didn’t want to add yet another eclectic layer. Instead we chose a combination of an ‘off-­‐the-­‐shelf’ and purpose-­‐made system. The lighting consists of slim black bars hanging from the ceiling that span every column across the central nave and the two sides. These bars are very compact and discrete but the installation is clearly on show with visible cables. “Today we are very accustomed to see technology, it’s not unusual. So, we aren’t trying to hide it.”

Easy and cost effective maintenance were important. It also provides a single pre-­formatted operation that untrained people can easily switch on.

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