Completed in 2015, Haron Robson lightmatters were commissioned by Architect, Saunders Global, on the basis of innovation and uniqueness: to attain “A feeling of brightness” rather than conventional illuminance as key to achieving a good customer experience, revisiting the store, increasing the products purchases and reducing overheads by increased energy effectiveness.

Limitations were exposed air-ducts and plumbing visually distracting. Travelling the down escalator toward the entrance hall - potentially a visual mess in front, but no product to see.

  • Our lighting concept was to fully enhance customer engagement:
  • Improve customer flow and point of view
  • Lighting attractively to encourage consumer purchase and return visits
  • Reduce initial-cost, maintenance cost & running cost.

Architectural integration was an important factor: the design is enhanced by the timber battens.

In the entrance hall area, a lively atmosphere is important, so the light is above the edge of the timber battens to light up the sides of the timber battens like flowers. At the start point of alignment, the lights are arranged in a circle shape to look more random and organic compared to starting alignment for the straight wall;

In other areas the lights are a similar level with the timber battens, to focus attention on the produce.

The timber battens above the down escalator, LED strips with high luminance intensity reinforce the dynamic movement of the timber towards the entrance and high contrast makes it difficult to see services behind.

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