Haron Robson revisited the spire lighting at 1 O'Connell Street, and now with the push of a button and twist of a key, the new lighting was up and running: the next great evolution of this iconic building.

Haron Robson's aim was to increase efficiency, reliability and durability. Created with a cabling and mounting system, the snap & lock installation method makes access and maintenance a simple process. The new lighting consumes 50% less energy and is designed to last year on year, and its programmable functionality means it can be used actively to create light shows for Vivid and beyond.

Watch our short video to see some of the great effects made possible by Haron Robson.

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We are pleased to confirm the renewal of our Master Security Licence in NSW. Haron Robson Australia Pty Ltd ACN 002 781 580 holds Master Security Licence 000105459.  In NSW it is an offence to undertake unauthorised security activities without being licensed.

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