The specialised nature of what we do probably means we'll never be famous, but we'd like to think people appreciate the difference our skills bring to the success of a project, business, place or space.

On Wednesday 20.10.2010 we celebrated reaching this milestone and thanked our many supporters for their help in getting through the first 25 years. The celebration with family, friends, local and international guests was held at Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art, Circular Quay where we partied until the 21.10.2010.

Over the past 25 years we have completed over 3,000 projects in 23 countries and our team now numbers nearly 40. Our challenge and mission for the next 25 years is to better communicate what we do.

The motivation for our big night was to reaffirm to everyone who has helped us along the way that we appreciate their help and thank them for their ongoing support. For those that could not make it we hope to catch up soon.

For those that don't know, we are consultants and we help plan, manage and implement lighting, audio visual, electrical and energy systems for workplaces, venues, homes, retail, public spaces, boats, planes and hospitality buildings. We help make spaces and places special, inviting or more useable. We affect many people’s lives and whilst many may not know our name, they would be familiar with our work.

We look forward to solving the challenges of the next 25 years. For more pictures from the night click here to visit Haron Robson's Facebook page.

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