It was once the theme-tune for a whole generation of Dire Straits fans, but it is a statement now ringing in the ears of our very happy clients.

Energy Saving Certificates (ESCs or "eskies" as they are affectionately termed), are quite literally allowing energy-saving businesses to make money out of... well, nothing! OK, maybe not exactly money for nothing, but money for reducing energy consumption, which is almost the same thing.

If it sounds too good to be true, take a look at this case study: 
It's April 2010, Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club installs a new chiller to upgrade the HVAC system. The capital expenditure is high, but it's necessary to operate the Club, and it's working wonders. Jump forward to mid-2011; Haron Robson is brought in to audit the lighting system, and provide a detailed plan on how to save energy. Before the audit process begins, previous upgrades are discussed, and the new chiller is mentioned. Haron Robson's Energy & Maintenance team jump to attention: "if we can prove the new chiller is saving energy, we can make you some money".

It's now December 2012 and we are just about to hand over a big cheque to Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club. Next year we anticipate the cheque could be even bigger, much the same the following year, and the year after that... By the end of the ESC measurement period (in this instance, until 2020), the revenue generated will have reduced the cost of the installation by more than 10%, which is, effectively, money for nothing.

Although, it was a lot of hard work for our Energy team; with detailed analysis of energy consumption and the introduction of new computation methods. There were spreadsheets and applications and calculations working overtime to ensure every watt of energy saved was translated into maximum benefits under the ESC system.

And, what is the ESC system? Termed the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS), it is actually a NSW Government energy efficiency program which encourages building owners and managers to reduce energy consumption, by rewarding each megawatt hour of energy saved with approximately one Energy Saving Certificate (ESC). These certificates can then be traded on the open market for financial rewards.

Administered by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal of NSW (IPART), the scheme requires proof that the energy savings are real and will continue over a period of time, which is where Haron Robson come in - to do all the fact-checking, calculations, application & registration. Common examples of the energy savings measures our clients have undertaken include the installation of more energy-efficient lighting, a more efficient chiller and upgrades or optimisation of HVAC systems.

The beauty of the scheme is that as a business continues to save energy, they continue to generate ESCs, which in turn, creates revenue. All those calculations and computations at Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club mean that every time their energy efficiency is improved, the savings are automatically tracked. As long as they continue to save energy, we will continue to generate ESCs for them, which in turn, makes them money...

...wonder if Mark Knopfler was thinking about Energy Saving Certificates and Haron Robson when he wrote that song?

For more information on Energy Saving Certificates, please call Ashley Blake on (02)9712 5544 or email he might even sing you a few lines of the chorus!

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