Renders to Reality: Campbelltown Bowling Club

As Campbelltown Bowling Club reached its 100th birthday, Haron Robson had the privilege of providing design and advisory services for the  electrical, dry fire, and lighting systems for the club’s centennial renovation.

Our scope of works included in the advising of space requirements for electrical services, offering preliminary guidance on electrical systems, and create innovative lighting solutions to enhance the club’s spaciousness and aesthetic appeal. We also calculated the maximum demand and actively collaborated with Paynter Dixon to ensure smooth integration with the building’s design.

We also prepared concept sketches for both electrical layouts and hand-drawn lighting designs, which was vital in communicating our vision to the design team. Our expertise extended to advising on the electrical requirements for the Construction Certificate, ensuring compliance with national standards.

Our project’s highlight was the 3D visualisations we provided, called Lightcheck, which uses advanced software to create realistic representations of the lighting effects, to showcase different design options to the client. This approach not only demonstrated our technical capability but also our commitment to delivering exceptional results.

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