Rising to it's Potential: The Lidcombe Rise by Billbergia

The Haron Robson team, in collaboration with Billbergia Group and Plus Architecture, have brought The Lidcombe Rise to life —a residential project in the heart of Sydney's thriving hub. With a budget of $96 million, this venture is a testament to innovation and community development.

Our expertise in Electrical, Security, and Dry Fire Services added essential layers of comfort and safety to The Lidcombe Rise. With a focus on quality housing, including social housing opportunities, retail spaces, and a childcare facility, this project aims to elevate the living experience for its residents.

Lidcombe Rise boasts 262 residential apartments across four distinctive buildings, each thoughtfully designed to complement the existing surroundings. Expansive glazing welcomes abundant natural light, offering picturesque views of lush gardens and the city beyond.

Our services extended to ensuring that the complex is not only aesthetically pleasing but also secure and well-lit. The Haron Robson team is proud to have contributed to this inclusive, community-focused development that supports local businesses, commercial assets, and the growth of the Lidcombe Town Centre.

Incorporating our services into this project has been a privilege, and we are excited to witness The Lidcombe Rise become a vibrant, convenient, and safe community hub for residents and businesses alike.

More photos below, courtesy of Billbergia.

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