Activating North Sydney’s nightscape - Billbergia's 88 Walker Street

88 Walker Street has made its mark, not just North Sydney’s tallest tower, but a street level it must be the area's most dramatic.

Its petal-like illuminated soffit cantilevers out above the Fire Station Hotel and Haron Robson's lightmatters team are proud to have helped illuminate this beacon, teaming up with Billbergia Group and Fitzpatrick Partners Architects, to also light the exterior of the building - from street to sky.

88 Walker Street is a mixed-use office and hotel building that soars 50 levels above North Sydney's CBD and features a 252-suite 4-star hotel occupying the lower 19 levels, while the upper floors boast 12,000 square meters of commercial space.

Our role focused on crafting creative lighting designs for various aspects of the building, including external lighting, street signage lighting, roof signage lighting, and the lobby areas, encompassing the main entry and hotel floors. We aimed to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of this iconic structure.

The cantilever design of 88 Walker Street, allowing the building to float above the Firehouse Hotel, showcases our commitment to innovation. This project not only adds a remarkable architectural gem to North Sydney's skyline but also helps confirm the area a significant CBD.

The images on the headline and below are the artist's impression of the tower.


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