The Hanging Gardens of Babylon reimagined in Rouse Hill

Nestled in the heart of Sydney's rapidly growing northwest hub of Rouse Hill, Babylon, is a standout residential project encompassing 332 apartments, townhouses and skyhomes. This project is a joint effort by Denvell Group and Rothelowman Architects, with Binah Construction handling the building process.

The development's objective was to provide state-of-the-art housing that not only addresses urban living requirements, but also pays homage to the aesthetic inspirations drawn from the legendary gardens of ancient Babylon. This meant integrating modern architectural elements with serene gardens, rooftop spaces and water features to craft an oasis within an urban environment.

The Haron Robson team's primary role was to oversee the electrical elements, which included everything from lighting to advanced security systems such as CCTV. We ensured that all electrical components were not only functional but integrated seamlessly into the design. Our involvement was thorough, starting from the early design phases, preparing necessary tender documentation, and addressing any queries or challenges that arose during the project's execution.

Location, location, location - Babylon proudly stands near the bustling Rouse Hill Town Centre, granting residents a world of convenience from shopping to entertainment. This strategic positioning also offers the added advantage of easy commutes to prominent business districts like Castle Hill and Parramatta.

Artist impression images below, credit to Rothelowman Architects.

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