Liverpool Catholic Club

The Haron Robson team, in collaboration with Altis Architecture and Census Advisory, have just successfully completed the refurbishment of Liverpool Catholic Club’s main function centre. We contributed towards essential electrical and lighting design services to the venue’s stunning transformation.

Our team undertook the meticulous update of the existing function centre while retaining its original architectural layout. The primary focus was on enhancing the ambiance through sophisticated lighting solutions and updating various finishes.

In the main function rooms, we introduced custom pendant lighting, enhancing the ambiance and providing a captivating focal point. Additionally, supplementary fittings were strategically placed to create a harmonious atmosphere.

The pre-function area received a modern touch with new wall lights and strip lighting along the perimeter. Three bars benefited from strip lighting to accentuate overhead joinery and bar fronts, elevating the overall aesthetics. Amenities were adorned with elegant wall sconces and lighting around mirrors.

Every aspect of the refurbishment was thoughtfully considered, ensuring that we made the necessary adjustments to achieve optimal illumination throughout the facility.

We thank Altis Architecture and Census Advisory for getting us involved in this illuminating project.

More pictures below, by the Haron Robson team.

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