At Haron Robson we are passionate about design - we strive to create spaces which not only look and feel fantastic, but which function efficiently and economically and respond well to the client aims and requirements. In all our projects we seek to identify opportunities for design excellence. 

During the life of a project we follow a well-documented internal process to ensure the development of ideas to most effectively meet the technical and aesthetic requirements of a project. We operate a Project Management methodology to track, measure and report on project progress - this end-to-end system ensures continual knowledge of projects status, accurate reporting and project tracking.

Our dedicated Installations Engineers are consulted throughout the life of both the design and constructions phases, ensuring buildability and commercial viability, the minimisation of variations and the quality-assurance and design integrity of product or design alternatives. Design integrity is of the utmost importance, as we believe this is the single most important way to ensure all client expectations and project requirements are exceeded.

Completed: December 2017
Service: Lighting Design
Location: Mascot, NSW
Architect: Turner Studio & Gellink+Schwämmlein
Photographer: Tom Ferguson
Awards: Good Design Award 2018

Baillie Lodges is renowned for its exceptionally luxurious boutique accommodation in some of the most scenic and far-flung destinations in Australia, yet the newest addition to the collection of intimate lodges is right in Haron Robson’s own backyard.

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